IoT Automation & Security Installation

Do more, smarter.

Forward thinking, scalable solutions featuring advanced network security cameras, audio equipment, and video recorders with exhaustive analytics capabilities.

The power to perform, with data-driven business automation and IoT.

Be prepared for the future

Being prepared for the unexpected is a difficult task.  Often, the best thing you can do to plan ahead is look behind.  With the recent economic downturn and business closures related to the pandemic threat of COVID-19, it would be a mistake to ignore the current global trend that’s gaining momentum in nearly every industry.  That trend being the digital transformation of antiquated, manually performed procedures that increase risk exposure, and slow your current workforce down.

What repetitive tasks are slowing you or your employees down from achieving their full potential?

IoT (internet of things) presents a way to track data from anywhere, and deliver it to you in a meaningful, easy to comprehend way that’s unique to your every function.  Advanced analytics and the infinite potential for automation puts power back in your hands on every level; from your physical property, to the network, to the cloud – providing solutions that only a security centric team of IT professionals with 20+ years of experience can offer.

What do we offer?

We are at the forefront of IoT security; consultation, design and implementation of total security solutions that connect your entire operation together safely – from the front gate of the parking lot, to the bottom of your employee’s email inbox.

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IoT & Automation

Intelligent security cameras & network video recorders are only part of a bigger picture for cutting-edge smart businesses, and even smart homes. You might be amazed at just how "smart" the technology has gotten.

Having the latest technology is only half the battle. We can help you get the most value from your investment with custom applications and automation limited only by your imagination.

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With our status as a compliant contractor with Avetta approved, we are equipped to install and support businesses of any size. We can even build upon most existing camera security hardware you may already have installed.

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Physical Access Controls

From the front gate, to the utility closet - get your access controls unified so you can closely monitor and control who goes where, and when.

Use keyed or keyless entry technology, whatever suits your preference. We make it exceptionally simple to manage the access permissions to your staff, and track every occupant, inside any property, at all times.

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Security never takes a break.  There will always a bad actor somewhere thinking of a new way around existing protection measures.  That’s why it’s necessary to consistently update our clients with the latest information and software.  Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the same is certainly true of security. 

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M2B is Expanding!

M2B Security Solutions is proud to announce the addition of a 2nd office! To find out more about our new location sign up for our newsletter or come back March 1st.

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Business Partners

Our elite business partners offer the highest quality product and the latest, cutting edge technology.  The products speak for themselves, with each brand’s name representing a long history and track record of quality.