Solving Crimes and Managing Evidence

AXIS Case Insights

AXIS Case Insight is a collaborative case management system that can speed up investigations by allowing you to securely collect, manage, and share evidence from different sources.  With this system you can import data from video surveillance systems such as body worn cameras, cell phones, in-car systems, Computer Aided Dispatch, Remote Management Systems and other sources.  This way evidence can be reviewed and shared within a single application.

The system enables collaboration across independent agencies and private sector organizations by allowing investigators and invited third parties to share their evidence online. There is no installation required, you can access the system from any standard browser and all data and files that are imported to the system are automatically encrypted.  Integration with Active Directory allows organizations to use their existing Active Directory service to authenticate users and manage system access.

Some key advantages to using AXIS Case Insight are:

  • Ability to collect your digital evidence in one centralized location.
  • Manage who has access to the system and to case information.
  • Simplify investigations by collaborating with users.
  • Secure case information.
  • Find cases and files easily within the system.

In the business of security, being prepared and having the proper tools can mean the difference between solving a case or not, and even life or death.  AXIS Case Insight is a huge breakthrough from the present-day tools available to the professionals tasked with building fluid, accurate recreations of crime scenes, using all of the available media that law enforcement uses every day. Without the need for expensive equipment upgrades, using a standard browser and no files to install, it is an affordable and logical addition for any department.

At M2B security solutions our commitment to supporting law enforcement in our community is unwavering.  We feel that giving back to the law enforcement professionals who risk their lives to keep us safe and protect us on a daily basis is the least we can do. We encourage everyone to think of a way to give back to local law enforcement in your community, however large or small, to show your support. 

Smart, innovative products and services focused on Law Enforcement is always a focus for us, and a market that we’ll offer support in every way possible. 

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