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Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often contain valuable raw material and goods that need around the clock monitoring and protection. By combining IP camera technology and motion detectors utilizing radar technology you can create a surveillance solution tailored to your security needs.

If you’re anything like we are, there’s no better way to learn than hands-on & in person.  Schedule some time to visit our experience center, and get an in person demonstration of a working setup, soup to nuts.

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Production Monitoring & Analytics

It's simple to enhance your production when you have data insights that give you a clear picture and tell a clear story. We can develop custom applications for any environment or task. The vast selection of Axis cameras with on-board processing power capable of interpreting data on the fly makes it easy to monitor daily operations and make informed decisions that can drastically improve conditions.

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Worker Safety

Safety is paramount in industrial environments, and being accountable for the personal safety of your employees across large spaces is only possible with the help of network security cameras and intelligent infrastructure to plug you into the data you need when you need it.

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Perimeter Protection

Accurate and reliable area detection and tracking seamlessly integrated with network cameras for visual identification.

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Cutting-Edge Equipment

Flexible and easy-to-use solutions with vandal-protected and robust cameras and motion detectors for outdoor environments.

Security tailored to your business needs

In addition to keeping your business premises secure, network cameras are a valuable tool for increasing overall production efficiency and creating a safe work environment for employees. Integrating the camera system into the production system offers the possibility to remotely access live images over the network.

Remotely monitor production.
Visually inspect and verify that functions and processes are running correctly.
Ensure procedures are spec.
Ensure safety rules and processes are being followed and tools and equipment are being managed properly.
Troubleshoot from anywhere.
Provide remote troubleshooting and assistance with maintenance and support.
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Avetta & Appruv approved contractor

We take great pride in the notoriety of being approved in both the Avetta and Appruv networks of approved contractors.  Each of these networks represent an elite group of well-established contractors, serving elite level companies.  Our memberships in Avetta and Appruv represent a commitment to safety that sets us apart from our installers, without question.

Increase productivity
and employee safety

about m2b security solutions

m2b is your high-tech neighbor

Our ability to give customers the personal attention they need to succeed is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our company was founded with the mindset of replacing the bloated & outdated company structure that’s permeated the market and become the status quo.  Basically?  We’re not your grandmother’s enterprise automation and IoT solutions provider. 

When we think of security, we think of safety; which is why its of paramount importance that you feel you can safely trust us with your livelihood.   We’d like you to think of us as your neighbor.  That high-tech neighbor with all the gadgets who is always installing something new.. and always there when you need them.