law enforcement surveillance automation and real time video analytics and monitoring

Law Enforcement

Supporting our local community has always been a motivation for the founding of our business.  We offer tools to help police departments with body worn cameras, city surveillance, traffic monitoring.

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Real time info

How quickly your law enforcement team can react depends on how soon you get the first alert. With a network of cameras and other sensors, installed where crime is likely or where citizens need to feel safe, your force can get an invaluable head start in its response.

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Automatic detection

Threats and incidents can be detected automatically, and live video from the scene help you to verify events and prioritize your efforts. With facial recognition, license plate tracking cameras and Axis Advanced Parking Violation Detection By adding speakers and lights to your network, you may even be able to deter events in progress.

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Efficient coordination

By directing video feeds, data and other resources into an operations center, you create an efficient coordination hub with a very high level of situational awareness. Axis cameras give operators not only a 360° view, but also the ability to zoom in and capture details such as license plates or faces.

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Resolve more cases

With your operations center keeping them constantly informed, your officers and other first responders know exactly what or whom to look for. This not only improves their safety, but also enables more coordinated response with better chances of immediate arrests. And with the high-quality images and video evidence from your cameras, you have more opportunities to bring suspects to justice.

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Smarter traffic management

Improve road safety and traffic flow with video-based traffic management solutions from Axis and Citilog. Together with our partners, we visualize your entire road network – providing real-time insight to simplify decision making and get more from your existing infrastructure.

Safer cities benefit everyone

Create a long term plan, and see how well implemented security cameras and advanced video analytics can create a solution that requires less manpower and covers more ground.  Video surveillance can also intelligently detect faces, a persons mood, licenses plate and much more.  Technology is moving quickly, and the capabilities will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.  Give us a call to schedule an in-person or interactive walkthrough of what a complete video analytics package can do for your organization.

law enforcement automation and remote monitoring of smart cities
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axis body worn camera for law enforcement
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Body Cams as tough as you

Get the picture with AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera that gives you sharp images every time and clear audio thanks to dual microphones for noise suppression. It’s lightweight, robust, water-resistant, and easy to use making this the perfect option for officers out in the field.

Improve overall efficiency
and solve more cases.

React quicker
Automatic incident alerts, provided by video analytics, sensors or alarms, boost your monitoring capabilities and shorten your response times.
Respond better
Prevent incidents without deploying resources. Use onsite audio and other measures to automatically or remotely stop incidents in progress.
Resolve more effectively
Make faster, more informed decisions. With live video from the scene lets you prioritize and take immediate actions.
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