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Attract customers, optimize store layout, prevent shoplifting, reduce checkout lines, handling peak shopping periods… there are several concerns to operate as a retailer. Smart technologies are designed to support you and give the consumer a greater, faster and safer experience when shopping. Find the opportunities to increase revenues and shape the future of your retail store- all in real time.

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Shopper Insights

Automatic notifications in real time when someone enters a perimeter or restricted area, with visual confirmation and object location.

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Loss Prevention

Prevent shrinkage before it happens with smarter solutions that address shoplifting, internal shrinkage and suspicious behavior in real time.

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Create and maintain an environment where customers and staff feel safe – both inside your store and in its surroundings.

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Unbiased inspection
"How can I perform random checks without profiling?"
Reliable tailgating detection
“I want to detect suspicious behavior at my entrances”
Correct usage of entrances and exists
“Can I get notified if someone walks out through the entrance?”
Point of sales surveillance
“I want to see video from suspicious transactions”
Monitor high value goods
“Why is the customer dwelling”
Efficient control of loss prevention
“I want high quality video of my entire store”
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How can automation help you?

Complete store optimization

Losses in retail operations amount to millions every day. The two main causes are employees, who believe their frauds are difficult to detect, and customers or intruders committing either planned or spontaneous crimes.

Shrinkage caused by employee theft, point-of-sale fraud, shoplifting, theft and supplier fraud is both costly and preventable. Modern network video cameras with embedded analytics software act as powerful, reliable and cost-effective tools to protect your store’s assets. As important, they ensure a safer, more secure environment for your staff and customers. You combat loss prevention control and gain an effective means to deter and detect shoplifting and undesirable behavior — all in a smart solution. 

Loss prevention at the next level

Intelligent cameras mean less human involvement to achieve the same results or better.  Humans aren’t as well suited to Monotonous tasks are better suited for the robots.

Detection & prevention
optimization at every level.

Total control of your premises

RC Willey saves millions, reduces shrink 170% below industry average by adding Axis network cameras to its inventory tracking system

“I attribute most of our phenomenally low inventory shrinkage to the way we use our Axis cameras in conjunction with our warehouse management and point-of-sale systems.”

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In order to fulfill its promise of same or next day delivery, home furnishings retailer, RC Willey, manages $500 million of inventory in warehouses and stores throughout the Western US. With millions of dollars of product in constant motion, tracking inventory discrepancies and investigating shrink was a challenge without video support. The company installed analog cameras to document the inventory flow, but when that system reached the end of its life, RC Willey began searching for a high resolution IP video surveillance system that could deliver better video with greater forensic value.

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Our ability to give customers the personal attention they need to succeed is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our company was founded with the mindset of replacing the bloated & outdated company structure that’s permeated the market and become the status quo.  Basically?  We’re not your grandmother’s enterprise automation and IoT solutions provider. 

When we think of security, we think of safety; which is why its of paramount importance that you feel you can safely trust us with your livelihood.   We’d like you to think of us as your neighbor.  That high-tech neighbor with all the gadgets who is always installing something new.. and always there when you need them.