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The simple fact is that everyone could use security.  Whether you’re protecting your valuable assets, or protecting your customers and yourself from the potential threat of a fire, theft, or worse – it’s important to be prepared for any situation before it’s too late.

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Remote access to live & recorded video

We've heard from our small business owners. And you've told us that you want the ability to manage your location(s) from wherever you are at any time. With mobile apps, and specialized products from Axis communications, we have turnkey solutions that can be customized to your location and needs without breaking the bank.

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Video analytics in real-time

With the open-source Axis Camera Application Platform, there are hundreds of pre-designed apps that can be loaded into your security cameras to help do the job of your best manager. Automatically assess your shoppers for custom action items. Program an audio speaker to play a message when customers enter the store or alert staff when an issue arises.

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Valuable data insights

With intelligent cameras that are able to analyze video footage in real time, you become your own in-house research marketing firm. Program your cameras to study the behaviors of your shoppers, learn what promotions are working and make intelligent decisions based on actual data points gathered from your specific store. This ability is not something to be taken lightly, as most

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Audio & background music

Playing music has a proven cymatic effect on the people and things around it. Set an edgey vibe or a soft tone that represents your brand in an effective way. No matter the reason, throw on your favorite tunes and feel good all day long. Put your shoppers in the mood to shop.

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The importance of doing the job right.

With decades of experience in security, automation, network architecture and video production, M2B has the knowledge and expertise to expertly evaluate your setup and recommend/install the right solution for your needs.  In most emergency situations, you only get one chance to be prepared.  All too often we come across DIY camera/security installs that are inefficient, insecure and/or inappropriate for the environments we see them in. 

For the security of your personal safety and your livelihood, the stakes couldn’t be higher.    

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Simple solutions
that save your precious time.

Returning valuable employee time back to the things that matter,

for a happier, more productive and professional workforce.

about m2b security solutions

m2b is your high-tech neighbor

Our ability to give customers the personal attention they need to succeed is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our company was founded with the mindset of replacing the bloated & outdated company structure that’s permeated the market and become the status quo.  Basically?  We’re not your grandmother’s enterprise automation and IoT solutions provider. 

When we think of security, we think of safety; which is why its of paramount importance that you feel you can safely trust us with your livelihood.   We’d like you to think of us as your neighbor.  That high-tech neighbor with all the gadgets who is always installing something new.. and always there when you need them.