Stadiums & Venues

Stadiums and venues present similar challenges to their owners. They gather large crowds of people over short periods of time. Yet, visitors expect high operational efficiency and a safe experience without any incidents.

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Access from anywhere

Access to high-definition live and recorded video from any authorized computer or mobile device.

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Seamless integration

Seamless integration with your access control system, smoke & fire alarms and emergency buttons to enable quick verification and/or response.

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Automatic alerts

Automatic alerts for trespassing and perimeter breach, and high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras to provide situational overview with high-level of detail.

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Incident investigation

Efficient incident investigations through quick access to relevant video, and video quality that’s valid in court.

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Facial recognition
Analytics help ease the flow of spectators into the venue and let you proactively prevent violence from erupting. For example, use facial recognition to identify known troublemakers and prevent them from entering the stadium, or recognize VIPs and treat them accordingly.
License plate tracking
Track what goes on in the parking lot, and be able to identify any bad actors with real-time license plate tracking in day/night, up to 100m away, and even traveling up to 81mph.
Live on any device
You can monitor the video feed via an app, online from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This means, for example, that your security director can evaluate incidents from afar and staff can see the whole picture and important details from anywhere in the venue. You can also control Axis PTZ cameras from any device and quickly search through recorded video after the fact.
A coach’s best friend
Axis 4K Ultra HD network cameras play a starring role in one of our partner´s sports analysis solution. Together we allow athletes and coaches to take advantage of network cameras to make advanced sports video recording easy, useful and accessible. They get a 360° view of any venue, and users can pan, tilt, and zoom to record, view, and analyze every second and every detail of an athlete´s or team’s performance.

How can automation help your venue?

Visitor satisfaction guaranteed

Axis video solutions help you ensure visitor satisfaction by providing relevant information to authorized stakeholders so that they can make informed decisions when needed the most.

You benefit from a future-proof and flexible surveillance solution, with 24 hour support.

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A year round advantage
without the power play.

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Checking the instant replay

The Ontario Hockey League relies on Axis broadcast-quality network cameras to help officials rule on goals and penalties.

“Having high-definition Axis cameras on the nets with the ability to record at 60 frames per second helps us instantly confirm or correct the referee’s call on the ice. Integrating the TV broadcast feeds into AXIS Camera Station video management software has been an extra bonus, allowing us to review every goal and penalty from multiple angles.”

With the ability to zoom in frame-by-frame on the video, officials are more confident in their reviews of referees’ calls and are able to render their decisions in a matter of seconds which keeps the game moving. The HDTV-quality of the Axis cameras also gives the league’s corporate partners greater visibility of their advertising space behind the goalie nets.

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