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Access Controls

Plug into the future of visitor access & communications and with 2N’s robust line of IP video intercoms.  Then enhance your security with an access control unit from 2N.  A flexible and open product that offers seamless integration with leading video and access management systems.  This creates a perfect solution for larger businesses with advanced access control requirements or a SMB looking for one professional, secure, and most importantly scalable door access and communication solution.

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Manage Credentials

Digitally managing mobile identities saves staff time and effort. Mobile access control is also a more cost-effective and simpler way for companies to manage identification credentials. It eliminates numerous manual tasks related to handling, printing, distributing and disposing of physical identity badges.

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Seamless Integration

Automation is everything, and the first step to having that control is unifying it onto the network. We can tie in most existing hardware, and onto any network infrastructure.

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Virtual Security Gaurd

With individually assigned digital ID keys, you can know who is entering or exiting, what time they do it, and even which doors they used. Speak to guests with video from anywhere with smartphone app control or from one central headquarters.

How can unified access controls help you?

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Access control from 2N (an Axis Company) are not only open, they’re agile. When planning your access control solution, you get flexibility for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s. Like other Axis solutions, access control products from 2N don’t tie you to proprietary or pre-approved hardware and software. So you can mix, match and integrate best-of-breed options. Whether you have a smaller installation or a large number of doors and complex access rules, you can be truly proactive – and find the optimal way to meet your access control challenges.

True interoperability

What really sets apart door access technologies from 2N are their ability to integrate.  Integrate into any network, and also any existing/future hardware you may find yourself needing as you watch your business, or home grow.

Click the adjacent image to explore a virtual tour of all the physical access control from 2N, with an interactive demonstration of best use cases and different practical environments.

Advanced entry technology

Grant access remotely, issue temporary QR codes to the plumber, or simply leave your smartphone in your pocket and let bluetooth wireless technology inform your network to unlock the gate when it sees you.  Gone are the days of having one RFID option for keyless entry door access controls.  We’ll help you decide which solution works best for your application.  

More reliable than a security gaurd

We never want to see anyone lose their job to the robots.  But the truth is, computers pretty much never lie, nor do they take smoke breaks or fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning.  (it’s tough to keep your eyes open at that hour.. we get it.)

Click the adjacent image to explore a virtual tour of all the physical access control from 2N, with an interactive demonstration of best use cases and different practical environments.

Agile access controls
do more than just open.

Check out some of the sleek, modern and professional styles from 2N for your various properties and needs.  View 2N’s full catalogue by clicking the link below.

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