Network Audio

We offer complete, high-quality network audio systems that are perfect for security, background music and announcements in stores and other settings. Use integrated audio player and built-in or plug-in apps for music streaming, event driven or scheduled announcements, audio detection, health monitoring, and so on.

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Improve Security

Create motion detected actions via your security cameras that trigger audio events such as telling intruders they're being recorded. Or speak directly to the intruder remotely after receiving a notification to your smartphone.

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Live or Scheduled Announcements

Page individuals privately, in specific groups or make announcements to your whole building with the press of a button anytime you feel the urge. You can easily create recorded messages for store opening or store closing, and schedule them to play at precisely the right times for every day so you never lose track of time.

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Create Ambience

Playing music is the fastest way to make an immediate impression. It also has a proven cymatic effect on the people and things around it. So throw on your favorite tunes to feel good, or put your customers in a buying mood.

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Easily Scalable

Start out small, and add what you need as you need it. Or integrate almost any existing technology into our unified network audio interface.

Network audio is an essential tool in today's world.

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Why network audio?

What really sets apart our door access technologies are their ability to integrate.  Integrate into any network, and also  any existing/future hardware you may find yourself needing as you watch your business grow.  Throw in an exceptionally easy to use interface and Axis’s reputation of reliability of quality and you have the answer to communicating across your workplace or connected environment. 

Possibilities & flexibility

We can provide you with a complete A-Z network audio solution. Or you can integrate exactly what you need right now into your existing solution and add more products from us at your own pace.

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Axis Audio Manager Edge

Included with the purchase of network audio devices from Axis is the built-in audio management system requiring no extra hardware.  Suitable for small and mid-sized systems, you can manage up to 200 speakers and 20 zones, mix live or pre-recorded announcements with ads and background music.  You can also easily schedule and set up content for the week, and know your system is working throughout your location with built-in health monitoring right from your dashboard.

Axis Audio Manager Pro Series

For much larger network audio environments, simply move into the Audio Manager Pro series from Axis.  Control 100+ zones , and 1000+ speakers in a single local site.  Axis Audio Manager Pro allows you to control all your network audio devices with a single user interface, and from one central location.  The C7050 Mk II is a turn-key solution, coming pre-installed on a Windows 10 appliance or you can simply install the software license onto your own hardware.  Scalable, and easy to use… Just the way we like it.

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More automation potential
more centralized control.

To see more reasons how using network audio systems for security, announcementsbackground music can benefit your business.

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