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Security Alarm Systems & IoT Automation

Home means different things to different people.  But when it comes to our customers, they’re counting on us to help them make their home feel like it’s home.  We do that by providing safety, unified interoperability & protection of your household investments.  Home is the place where memories are treasured, treasures are protected, and promises are kept.  Like our company’s motto says: Your trust, our protection.

security alarm img | Security Alarm Systems & IoT Automation

World-Class Security

As a homeowner, nothing matters more than protecting your home and the people inside it. We offer professionally installed security and safety devices that detect intruders, fire, floods and carbon monoxide. With professional monitoring right from us you've got around the clock protection, dispatching first-responders for help without delay, when you need it most.

security alarm img | Security Alarm Systems & IoT Automation

Smart Home Control

When you are away, the Total Connect app helps ensure you stay in touch with your home. And when you come home, ProSeries can set the scene, adjusting lighting and thermostats automatically when you disarm the system — giving you a warm welcome home every time.

security alarm img | Security Alarm Systems & IoT Automation

Robust & Stylish Units

The Honeywell Home ProSeries from Resideo connects your home with touch-screen panels and a built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant. You can control your security settings, raise and/or lower your thermostat, adjust lighting and much more; all with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. And Honeywell Home products are backwards compatible with most devices, regardless of the manufacturer, to easily build on top of whatever you already have.

Smart Homes & IoT:  “The Internet of Things”

Live life where everything is protected

The ProSeries helps protect you and your family with its world-class security and brings all your smart home products together, allowing you to manage them all from one single system with built-in Amazon Alexa.

Total Connect 2.0

Total Connect® Remote Services offers smart home and business solutions for consumers.  With the app, users can remotely control their system anytime, anywhere. Users may control their security system, video cameras, thermostats, lighting, locks and more.

Sensors for everything

Honeywell Home has been an established leader in the home appliance industry for decades.  As a result, there are an incredible amount of sensors for air, security, water, energy and the controllers to connect them together.  Tested, reviewed and confirmed reliable products worth standing beside as business partners.

security alarm img | Security Alarm Systems & IoT Automation

Alarm Systems & Smart Security

Easily manage multiple locations

Security isn’t one-size-fits-all. It needs to be flexible to fit your specific needs. Total Connect VISTA Partition support puts you in control, letting you choose who can go where and know at what time.

The ultimate security blanket
tailored to fit your home.

Total Connect 2.0 is an exclusive app from Honeywell Home that lets you control your security system remotely, and know when the system was armed or disarmed.  Connect with and operate z-wave devices such as Skybell video doorbell, or August Smart Locks, Amazon Alexa, and the list continues.

about m2b security solutions

m2b is your high-tech neighbor

Our ability to give customers the personal attention they need to succeed is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our company was founded with the mindset of replacing the bloated & outdated company structure that’s permeated the market and become the status quo.  Basically?  We’re not your grandmother’s enterprise automation and IoT solutions provider. 

When we think of security, we think of safety; which is why its of paramount importance that you feel you can safely trust us with your livelihood.   We’d like you to think of us as your neighbor.  That high-tech neighbor with all the gadgets who is always installing something new.. and always there when you need them.